Prince George already abusing his royal status to get extra milk at lunch time

By admin, December 16, 2017

Prince George has been ‘Throwing his royalty around like Mike Tyson threw punches’ according to parents.


The 3 year old who is about to start full time education, has already begun ‘Abusing his status’ according to other worried parents.


One parent, who didn’t wish to be named for fear of reprisals from the toddler Prince himself, said her child was ‘Scared to go to school’ after Prince George allegedly stole her milk during their lunch break.

“My child Delilah-Tulip was accosted by George who threatened her saying something along the lines of ‘Do you know who I am treacle?’, he stole her hand milked organic dairy. Staff offered her more, but he threatened them and took that too.”

“I complained to the headteacher Mr Thomas who all but admitted George now runs the school.”

The future King George apparently has so much influence over the school that he has his own private lunch table with a waiter, and goes by the name of ‘Georgy-P’.

“It’s terrible.”, said another parent. “Yesterday he told my son that his grandmother (The Queen) could kill him if she wanted. Something needs to be done about this child, he’s clearly out of control.”

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